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Handmade Knotted Jewelry & Accessories

Meet Hilary & Katie 

We're Hilary and Katie, a mother/daughter duo who is always looking for a chance to spend time together. Katie managed to finish her first year of college debt free, and set a goal to complete her degree without loans. She realized her summer jobs weren't going to be enough to make that happen. As we were sitting around brainstorming ideas, we happened upon the idea of starting a small business together. We took Katie's love of knotted jewelry and Hilary's love of crystals and shiny things, and Nonesuch Knots was created. It's been a journey getting started, but here we are.

Katie flies back across the country in two weeks to continue her education, and will be taking over our social media from her dorm. (Hilary shies away from social media, but will chat your ear off in person at any events we participate in).

You can find our jewelry and accessories in the Maine Micro Artisans shop in Gorham, Maine and their sponsored artisan fairs around the state.

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